A Different World Almost Perfect

LGBT flag

Respect for Gender Non-Conformity

As the remains of the Orlando shooting were one by one laid to rest by their loved ones and significant others, I hope that such brutal act of domestic terrorism in the United States, a country with a diverse gun culture, will not happen again. The 50 lives lost and 53 injured reflect corrupted uniqueness of individuals whose lives are equally valuable as any man serving in the military, clergy, legislative, or judiciary.

As a teacher, I hope to raise awareness through gender education inclusive of the LGBT. Education can open the eyes of many. It can help raise citizens who celebrate diversity and abhor homophobia. I pray that the millennials and the young people in general would be more considerate, compassionate, and tolerant so that sexual orientation would not be a barrier for a peaceful coexistence between the LGBT community and the world created not only for men and women to enjoy and prosper. The world isn’t getting any safer, but it would be a different world—almost perfect—when our society would be more accepting of gender non-conformity and treat the LGBT community a unique companion.

To the victims of this cruelty in Orlando, rest in peace.



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